Creaturos Gif Gallery

Creaturos is former members of Ketman and DOOMSTAR. For an article in this week's Phoenix, we took photos at an antiques bazaar in Cambridge. One photo ran with the article, the remainder are presented here as gifs. Enjoy. (Article here.)



"Giants" Video

Here's our latest music video! "Giants" by You Can Be A Wesley.


Onwards and Upwards

The last few weeks have seen us in and out of New York for Converse and the launch of Cut&Paste. We shot at Santos Party House, which is owned by Andrew WK, in SoHo with Converse and Thrasher and were able to see some crazy metal acts. I almost got beat down in a pit. There's a clip where I realized what's happening behind me, attempt to shoot it, then scramble out of the body mass to the outskirts, to safety.

We just returned from Cut&Paste's New York launch. The next several months will see Cut&Paste tour the world, while we sit in our cozy Cambridge studio and edit all of it's content. We've worked with Cut&Paste since April to develop the video content for the upcoming tour. Each tournament will be accompanied by an event recap and artists profiles that focus on two of the competitors. Below is a profile we shot over the summer with designer Eve Weinberg.
We're also working on a music series out of Chris McGlaughlin's 1867 studio in Chelsea, Ma. We've shot test videos with Mean Creek and Dirty Dishes, both of Boston and we're looking to curate a series with bands that we love. Here is a timelapsed teaser:

While that is happening, we're also working on our "What's Your Story" series with Vibram. The first video in the series is linked below. We flew to Sacramento to talk with Cross-Fit gym owner Adam Downing about his dedication to Cross-Fit. Oh, then he got the Vibram logo tattooed to the bottom of his foot. Loroto seems to have a recurring fascination with impulse tattoos (see here). In two weeks, we're flying to Florida to shoot the Swamp Brothers, who are friends that own a wildlife preserve outside of Orlando. We hope to come back with all of our limbs.

Until next time,